daria_avatarMY NAME IS DARIA


My name is Daria (from persian „the one who keeps goodness”…I know, right?!?) and I walk this earth since
13th of November somewhere in the 80’s.

I was born and raised in the city of Lodz, in the country over the Wisla River, also known as Poland. That’s where I live and work at the moment. I’ve studied graphic design at the Univeristy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz and there I got my first designer gigs.

For many years I’ve been doing work for e-solution – a design agency from my home city – where I worked as a graphic designer. This cooperation conitinues to this day. In 2008 I traveled to the Green Island Ireland, when I joyfully absorbed its culture and art, and where I also worked as a graphic designer. To this day I appreciate and sustain all the design-world contacts from that period. After comming back to Poland I renewed my cooperation with e-solution, and currently I’m working as a freelance graphic designer. I also collaborate with other artists, sometimes creating private projects, sometimes designing for corporate clients. Working with friends helps me to look at the design process from more than one perspective, learn from them and not to close myself in small, one-person design world.

My main passion in design is digital graphics, mostly websites. As once of the today’s most popular media, internet is a great and challenging place both for a designer to create something that stands out, and for the client that wants to make his stand among other digital personalities.

I also give personality to businesses by creating corporate identity systems. I find it fascinating to see how business gets it’s face and meaning, and how it is being seen outside.

My design experience constists of many years of working both for private and corporate, native and foreign clients as well as for various design studios…

If you wish to learn some more personal stuff about me, visit my facebook or Google+ page, where from time to time I post some less formal and less work realted things,

waitin’ to hear from you

…and that’s my workspace, YARR!