Hello mini minions.
This announcement is an update on my evil doings. I’ve been a little quiet lately, both in here and on my various social media. That’s simply because I was
a: doing design stuff
b: killing hellbugs in Defiance.

Since I lost hellbug count some time ago, I can only make an update on my design creations.

glowy_1So… lately I made some thingies for print. That’d be a cutsey brochure concept for Glowy – a store with selection of children’s items

plants_1and a clean brochure concept for a company in business of making and installing cool office plant hanging thingies.

dodo_2From web design I made a concept homepage of an online store selling various artistic printouts

moreno_valley_1and, while working for CMS and websites provider Edlio, an online academy website layout.