New design of a parrax-ish full screen website for a veggie healthy eating. The site’s aim is to convince a visitor to choose meat free diet and also to direct him or her to the recipes section with plenty of food options to choose from.


There also was an alternative version of the center slogan area, little more graphic ans stamp-style-ish.


And the homepage as a whole.


In the course of many tries, we (me and the client, that is) were experimenting with few different approaches, ones more graphic than others. I was trying to create a nice, ‘yummy’ and healthy feeling while still maintaining informative role of the homepage.


And an alternative take on the homeage. Those areas are little less graphic, more informative and are not made to be scrolled with parallax in any way. Just a simple, long homepage.


The idea behing one of two drop down menus was to highlight featured or recent recipes in the site’s base.


And the second menu to let the viewer choose specific food type one wishes to find.


There were also two ideas on how to present the user with recipes section. One more typical and informative.


And the other that we settled upon, bolder and more graphic.


All things concidered I really enjoyed working on this project. The client proposed plenty of great photos, and good pics are always welcomed while working on the design. There was also plenty of sections to create, a lot of information to put to life and really a lot of room to make the site interesting. It’s always challenging and engaging to have quite a few elements to join together. There are interactions to concider, hierarchy and how all the little cogs come together. All these small details that make the site alife.