In every designer’s work comes a moment when one needs to find and use an interesting and/or original font. Or simply the designer needs some variation in his or hers typography. Or the client just wants something really special and cool. That’s when Google fonts come in play.

There are, obviously, fonts and families that every designer just simply needs to purchase and use in his or hers work. Our favourites, those that are on top at this moment or those who simply are the all-time best in readability and usability. Those are the basics and foundation of typogtraphy work, yes, but there are also times when one needs to go wild.

In the sea of font styles and families it’s fairly easy to browse and find something interesting. The problem is that most of those fonts are premium files that need to be bought. It’s not always useful to buy such font just for one project, or even one use in one place. It’s even harder if one wants to check various options for the design.

Google fonts is a good alternative to premium types. It’s the home of free, great quality fonts of various shapes and sizes, grouped by style, theme or build. In addition to being totally free they can be used straight in a web with no need to send countless font files amongs designers and developers. They also usually look good on web, without shattering , blurring or pixelating.


Up to this point the designer needed to browse fonts, find the desired one and download it to the drive. Then install it and use as one would use typical font. It was ok, but little time consuming.

What I personally found extremely helpfull with this is Webfont plugin . I came by it searching for some totally other thing, and it stayed with me since then. This plugin lets you browse and use google fonts one by one right from the Photoshop in the manner similar to how you use any other font. And it’s free, yey!

What you need to do is install it and enable it in your window view. There you choose ‘google fonts’ from the dropdown menu and enable it. Voila.




To use it you just need to select a layer with the text (not double click it, just select it without editing) and then browse the fonts in the plugin. Once confirmed, the text layer you selected will change to show the google font you chose.


Plain and simple tool and lets you browse and use fonts with just few simple clicks.

Webfont plugin