Project Description

e-PortalSlubny (e-WeddingPortal), as name suggests, is a portal dealing in all-wedding thingies. Project involved logotype, web design and branding with various print material. Logo design was done under client’s keen eye and with her involvment in the process.
The challenge was to combine romantic and delicate nature of the wedding with modern and clean look. After trying various combinations of fonts and ornaments, we settled for script-like typography with a little bit of silver lining.
Printed material is kept in clean, grey-white palette, appropriate for the wedding theme. Subtle orange accents here and there breaks the monothony of silvers and whites.
The important part of both website and print were also photographs that client chose – we incorporated them into the designs. After all, wedding is mostly a visual thing and we wanted to ephasise some of it’s key themes.

e-PortalSlubny's letterhead

e-PortalSlubny's logo

e-PortalSlubny's branded notebook

e-PortalSlubny's branded portfolio

The website itself was to be mostly portal-like, information center with all things flying around. Since the articles and information was its focus, the graphic part had to be toned down, leaving space for text and article photos. Main theme is still grey, silver-ish with orange accents, but most of the content are articles and other texts.
e-PortalSlubny is divided into thematical parts from wich all have a deifferent color theme. (ie.: ‘woman’ part replaces orange with violet, ‘child’ part uses green instead and so on). Again, since visual,  photographic part was important to the client, each section of the site has a thematical main photo in the top navigation bar.
The challenge here was to combine silver-ish, gradient rich style that client chose with modern feel and fashion, while keeping in mind that, additionally, the site will be text and photos heavy. All subpages and sections had to play along with eachother, combining text and graphic style without making it all cluttered and outdated.

e-PortalSlubny's website - header closeup

e-PortalSlubny's searchbox closeup

e-PortalSlubny's tabbed elements

e-PortalSlubny's advanced search

e-PortalSlubny's alternate coloring

e-PortalSlubny's contact page closeup

e-PortalSlubny's alternate searchbox design

e-PortalSlubny's website - overview

e-PortalSlubny - contact page

e-PortalSlubny's alternate coloring - overview