Project Description

Ecoria is the name of a newly started housing development. The website had to be partly a presentation of said development’s features and partly a tool for potential clients for them to check up on the pricing and some housing details.

Since the main focus of the Ecoria project was to show off, to stun even, how great the development is, i placed the housing photo as the main, dominant element of the homepage design. The assumption was for the client to see the buildings’ overview right from the start. We wanted the viewer to become interested right away, but also to feel comfy, nice and cozy, thus the – slowly flowing by – clouds and birds in the background. Everything to make the client feel just like at home.

Ecoria's website design

Generally, since the client supplied hi-res renders (sadly this is as rare as a sabertooth rabbit), i could focus on the graphic side of the homepage.

Ecoria's website design

Ecoria - footer closeup

Ecoria - subpage

Website's perspective view

Ecoria - contact form

Contact page perspective view