Project Description

Najna is a website for wedding dresses salon. The emphasis in this particular project was on combining the functionality of a showroom with the romantic and delicate nature of the wedding theme. I wanted to make the dresses main focus of the design, but it was also important to keep the high functionality of the site. Clients were supposed to be able to browse, find and save the dresses, freely moving around the site as they would around the real life store. Because of that, good visibility of products was of big importance.

Najna's homepage overview

Najna - perspective view

website's footer closeup

Najna's gallery closeup

Najna's category closeup

Najna – putting it all together.

After the design was approved, we’ve started to “translate the images” into a working, CMS-based, fully-responsive website. Thankfully, TheHubby’s sitting only few meters across, so – in case something was coded even a little bit different than it was in the designs – it was merely a formality to throw something heavy and / or furry at him.