Project Description

Ognisty Ptak (the Fiery Bird) was a big project, involving rebranding, various print material and a website. The place itself is a luxury holiday resort, located away from the city, in a quiet and peaceful enviroment at a lakeshore. The whole place makes a very specific impression, and presenting it all over the brand was a task at hand. Fortunately I was supplied with lots and lots of high-res, professional photographs to use, what aided in that task a lot.

Ognisty Ptak's brochure

Ognisty Ptak brochure's front view

OP brochure's inside view

Ognisty Ptak brochure's cover

Ognisty Ptak brochure's second page

OP brochure's third page

OP brochure's fourth page

OP brochure's alternate cover

OP brochure's alternate second page

OP brochure's alternate third page

OP's menu - inside view

OP's minibar menu

OP's promotional brochure

I decided on a chocolate brown as the main color, with a little of distinct ornamentation here and there. All to make it look and feel like a 30’s exclusive lounge – cigars, whiskey and all. The retro style and exclusive lounge-like impression was my main focus throughout the project.
The game of light and shadow, a little touch of mystic here and there, was to reflect the Bird’s statement ‘feel the magic of pleasure’.

Ognisty Ptak's website design

Ognisty Ptak's homepage design

Ognisty Ptak's website closeup

Ognisty Ptak's footer closeup

OP's language switcher closeup

OP's letterhead

Ognisty Ptak's business cards