Project Description

Old Belvedere Rugby Club is, surprisingly, irish rugby club and rugby team website. The client was presented with two similar, yet slighty different in colour designs. I wanted both to have that sporty feel, and both to correspond with team colours – black and white. Green background was added as a reference to the playing field, resulting in green-black-white design. The idea behind this project was to make it masculine and sport-ish, as rugby is kinda mainly male thing to do. Strong colors and strong typography helped me to achieve just that. Adding some team photos in main page area shows us what the site and sport is all about.

Old Belvedere's first design

OBRC's first design closeup

Old Belvedere's second design

Old Belvedere's second design closeup

Old Belvedere second design's footer closeup

Old Belvedere's final design

OBRC's final website design