Project Description

Saxonia is a luxury wedding venue, specializing in organisation of balls, new year’s galas, weddings and all things alike. The main goal of this design was to create something luxurious and rich-in-style, yet without too much pomp. The impression had to be superb, not cheap.
What i wanted to do, was to reflect the spirit of the architecture and interior design of their building, and translate it onto the website itself. I went for some subtle, floral ornamentats with a hint of gold. I had to be very careful not to overdo it with decorations. And believe me, it’s really tempting to overdo playing around with all this gold and flower-ish, ornament-ish goodies.

Saxonia's first design

Saxonia's first design - perspective view

The important part was also to present the photos of the structure on the homepage, so the potential client could clearly see the interiors. Those are the photos and views i wanted to match with the design and decorations. Fortunately, all the photos were beautiful and had that “something” in them, so building around them was a really nice and pleasing experience.

S's first design - overview

Saxonia's second design - overview

Saxonia's second design - header closeup

At the end i’ve created two designs, different in both style and feel. One darker and more moody, lounge-style, second one lighter and more delicate. The second one is the one the client chose, and it’s the one that is currently in place.
On and all, Saxonia was all about luxury, ornaments and bringing special kind of feel to the design, and i must admit those are the types of challenges i enjoy the most.

Saxonia's second design - footer closeup

Saxonia's second design - perspective view

Saxonia's final design

Saxonia's final design - header closeup

Saxonia's final design - menu closeup

Saxonia's final design - another menu closeup

Saxonia's final design - perspective view