Project Description

T.E.O project was a multi stage one involving logo design, web design with implementation and business card design. The Essential Organisation is a child and social care help agencies consultant. They came to the table with some own ideas, which i was supposed to either expand or improve. Knowing what the client wants and what are his expectations makes it lot easier to navigate in the forrest of design possibilities.

Since TEO helps other agencies acchieve their goals and climb higher in their work, the main logo theme was to be some motives of/with stairs, or climbing them. As they work with children, the colours were to be bright, strong and cheerfull. After many ideas and tries, few galons of coffee and a lot of back and forth communication, the basic idea was created. The colorful blocks combining together in stairs-like fashion. Then it was just polishing and smoothing the edges.



The Essential Organisation – the website

Website however was to be clean and informational, simple to navigate and easy to read. From my end, knowing that the site will be wordpress based, and that client will most likely want to update the site by himself, I wanted to make it as clean at coding part as possible. The client also wanted nice, big changing images at the main site, thus the dominating slider. The rest of the website is generally a continuation of the notion presented in the logo – clean colourful boxes and texts.

The Essential Organisation's overview

The Essential Organisation's header closeup

The Essential Organisation's testimonials closeup

The Essential Organisation's contact page