Project Description

This one is a web layout for the company that designs, produces and sells gold and silver jewellery. Many of their designs are celtic in nature, and that characteristic is what reflected in website’s background and decoration. Since the jewellery is clean and shiny, the website had to be nice and clean as well, with all accents as subtle as possible. I wanted it to be just a background for the silver and gold treasures. Everything in The Jewellery House, from the menu to the single item boxes, is clean and simple, without any unnecessary noise. The main stars are the items presented, not the graphics that surrounds them.

The Jewellery House - website overview

The Jewellery House - login area

The Jewellery House - product view

The Jewellery House - perspective closeup

Their website is “undergoing updates” as i write this entry, so i cannot be sure what design will they end up with and wether it’ll be the one i’ve done.