Project Description

This is a concept design for the  TMG Technology site’s homepage. It was made as an upgrade of the existing site. Since they’re an online marketing and development company, i wanted the website to be – most of all – user friendly and user alluring.

I wanted to create a design that would be nice and clean, but – at the same time – one that wouldn’t be to serious and too corporate. My idea was to portrate the company as open and easy going, client friendly and easy to work with. In the sea of corporate-like, “clean’n’clear’ websites, i tried to make TMG stand out a little. That’s why i added some casual handwriting here and there, some handwritten notes, etc.

TMG's concept - overview

Let the client know from the very start what TMG does

Most important company-related information, aswell as a small portfolio of works, were brought to the front of the homepage for easy access. I wanted the potential client to be able to see right away what the company does, what’s the company good at, etc. Strong, bolded typography helped me to achieve that.

TMG's concept - header

TMG's concept - textbox

TMG's concept - footer

TMG's concept - footer perspective

Unfortunately, the design didn’t went through, but i still like it.