Project Description

Yachtbizz was a yacht renting service. Their aim was to find nice, luxury boats around the world and renting them for people looking to spend some sea-time. The focus of the design was to create something connected directly to the sea, marine-ish and/or boat-ish in feeling, yet exclusive and clean. The website would have to be simple enough for any non-experienced user to be able to find a boat he likes, with all the feature he wants and to be able to rent it without any excessive searching. We wanted the client to rent a yacht, not to drown on the site so to speak.

Yachtbizz's homepage design

Yachtbizz's header closeup

Yachtbizz's perspective view

Yachtbizz – Summing it up

The biggest challenge on this project was to achieve the correct, marine feeling without sacrificing any of it’s usabillity and readability. The important thing for me was also to remember the small dose of luxury. After all, yachts are not every man’s daily amusement and i most certainly wanted the Yachtbizz’s site to have this little bit of exclusiveness aswell.