Project Description

Zak Radio – this project was very dear to my heart right from the beginning; not becasue it was a radio station, not because it was their fifty-year anniversary, but because i’ve spent the better part of my education listening to their auditions, becasue they loved their music (instead of paid jingles, pretending to be real music) – honestly, i could endlessly brag about how they made my every single day easier.
All the above made this project true hell for me – this had to be done flawlessly, nothing was good enough for me and i walked back and forth, trying to figure out the right way to start it. At one point, right after a part of my carpet started to look like a gulch, the inspiration finally decided to appear. That’s when Radio Zak gained its 50-year logo:

Zak Radio's logo

Zak Radio's logo - BW version

Zak Radio – The website

This was a hard time for TheHubby, since he was basically degraded to a coffemaker. “White with two sugars” was the sentence he heard the most. Then, suddenly – godsend. One coffee away from Hubby’s mental breakdown an idea started to form itself in front of me. Of course, i’ve just managed to stop thinking about this cursed project and there it is! Zak Radio’s 50-year anniversary website:

Zak Radio's website

Zak Radio's anniversary website

Zak Radio's anniversary website

Zak Radio's anniversary website

Sadly, Zak Radio’s new website been changed to a simplier one. Despite this, i truly hope they’ll call me some day – this’ll be fun! Not for TheHubby, but still fun!